August 11th Volunteer Day at Inman Pond

Tuesday, August 07, 2012 0 Comments A + a -

Here's a GREAT community service opportunity that can really make a difference in improving the delicate ecosystem in a corner of Mendon.

Lycott Environmental has finished the mechanical removal of the invasive non-native water chestnut weeds from Inman Pond in Mendon. The Town of Mendon is now organizing a volunteer day on Saturday, August 11th for people to get out on the pond to hand pull about a 1/2 acre of the weeds left on the pond. Inman Pond is a beautiful pond tucked away on the Meadow Brook Woods conservation land in Mendon. A photo of Inman Pond is above. This is a great community service opportunity to get out on the water and appreciate the lovely pond and the wildlife habitat it supports.

Lycott Environmental staff will educate and train people on the water chestnut weed removal. They will also provide jon boats for people to use in the water. If people have canoes they would like to bring, they could also be used. The shifts for volunteering will be from 8-11 am and 11 am - 2 pm. All people will have to sign a volunteer liability form (please see below). All people under 18 need to have a parent or guardian also sign the form.  Please bring the form the day of the event. Children over 13 years of age can participate.

Please email or call with any questions.  Anne will be coordinating the volunteer schedule. Mark Reil will also be there there at Inman Pond on August 11th at the beginning of the clean-up.If interested,  email or call Mendon Community Preservation Committee Chair Anne Mazar ( or (508) 280-8826) with the following information: name, telephone number, email, shift you would like to work, and if you will be bringing a canoe.